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swingers near me

Tips for First Time Swinging Couple

Is the idea of meeting other swinging couples to indulge in some X-rated fun one of your hottest fantasies?

Whether you've long since joined swinging groups online but haven't yet worked up the courage to meet in person, or this is your first foray into swinger websites, we're here to help you with some practical tips to ensure your fantasy brought to life is everything you wanted it to be, and much more besides.....

Swingers near me

Set Clear Boundaries

Before you head off to meet up with other swinging couples in person, it's wise to have a very open, honest conversation with your partner and set some boundaries. While it may be something you've talked about together before, letting them know how you feel on the day, what you're up for and what's off the table can help you both to feel calm and confident, and reduce any nerves or uncertainties that you may have.

Communication with your partner is key to enjoying the whole experience. Discussing what you're willing to do and not do also means your partner can look out for you and read the signs if you're not happy with something later on.

If you're already talking with other swinging couples, you should also let them know where your boundaries are. Doing this before you meet up can help settle the nerves and be easier to share ahead of time, so everyone has the same expectations and is on the same page.

swingers near me

Meet in Public First/m>

Meeting new people via swingers dating sites or online groups can be intoxicating and you might feel tempted to throw caution to the wind. However, we always urge you to meet in a public setting if you're planning on seeing someone for the first time. Safety first!

Swingers near me

Watch Before Sharing

Try watching, then having fun with your partner before sharing. There's no denying that it can be nerve-wracking when you're about to swing for the first time. But, you don't have to throw yourself into it wholeheartedly right away. Try to go slow.

A good rule of thumb is to see how you feel watching another couple first then, if you're ready to go further, begin teasing your partner, too. You may choose to have sex just with your own partner, but next to another couple or individual first - that's totally fine. The more comfortable you feel at first, the more mind blowing your experience later.

swingers near me

Don't Put Pressure on Yourself or Your Partner

Pressure is a passion killer in any moment, but especially so if you feel all eyes are on you in a group setting. Agree a safe word with your partner beforehand that indicates you aren't comfortable or don't want to do something. Also consider how you'll leave a situation that's making you feel uncomfortable should the need arise. A trip to the bathroom for example, requesting a drink or saying you feel dizzy or unwell are easy excuses to extract yourself from a pressure-filled situation.

Swingers near me

Be Sure to Connect With Your Partner During and After

Introducing other people to your relationship can feel strange at first. Be sure to check in with you partner and move at the same pace during your meeting with other couples and make plenty of eye contact. Afterwards, prioritise time for the two of you when you get home. That could mean arranging a date night, re-enacting a favourite fantasy or simply sitting down and talking to check in with each other.